From starving student, to starving apprentice.

Small Beginnings …

When I graduated from Grad School, most of my friends got jobs right away, I took the time to find an incredible practice and join their apprenticeship program. I worked my tail off for a year making nothing while my friends were making what looked like lots of money to me. It’s so important to understand that where you’re at doesn’t mean that’s where you’re going to be. See, I had an incredible dad that held me accountable to my dreams. After that first year, I put it all on the line to start my practice. I lived on a credit card. I made $847 my first month in business. Yet my bills were over $2,500 I’ll never forget. I wanted to give in. I wanted to go back to the nine to five. I wanted to go pick up side jobs. This was before Uber. This was before lyft. This was hustle and grind in the weeds, but I had somebody, But my dad kept reminding me why I was doing this and not to give up.

Faith in yourself and what you have to offer the world

I did my time as an apprentice, I had tons ideas, I had all the mentors, I had the knowledge, yet I wasn’t making money. I’ll never forget my first month. I hated loading my credit card with debt, it was a scary feeling and the “what if’s” were plaguing me! After three months with my credit card racked up to over $10,000 I knew I had to shift in my mindset … I couldn’t give up. There were days that I was frustrated. There were days that I was sick of working with no apparent progress, but I kept going.

Innovation comes from hardship if you have the right mindset …

Out of desperation, I created a scoring system for myself and I did it for every day for 30 days. Yet I still saw nothing! Then 30 days later, I saw a little sprout. Then 30 days later, we’re talking 90 days into this, I started to see the results that I had been dreaming about. I finally started to build momentum. My belief in myself, my abilities and what I had to offer the world started to rise up on the inside of me. Most people say if you’re going to start a business you won’t see fruit for 12, 18 months and even 24 months. But if you have the right principles, the right people in your life, the right operating system, you can do it in 90 days or less. The question is how bad do you want it?

You see … my friends that were out there working for someone else … they wanted to be entrepreneurs too, but fear shut them down. When they bowed their knee to fear, they played it “safe” and took a job. They took that paycheck and man at the time, $5,000 sounded like, they made it. Then $6,000 sounded like, they had arrived. Then $10,000 sounded incredible, but let me tell you, when I built the momentum on my own, after that first year, of pushing through fear, doubt, and debt … $10,000 a week was my expectation. When I saw $20,000 a week, that was my new expectation. When I saw $30,000 a week, that was my new expectation. Your mindset matters, your mindset and who you surround yourself with is everything.

Do you want to leave your kids with money or a legacy?

The next key to my entrepreneurial journey is knowing and operating out of my core values. If you could leave your kids with either a lot of money or a legacy, which would you choose? What do you remember most about your childhood experiences? Scientists have proven that it’s our experiences that shape who we are. Yet we put so much emphasis on traditional resumes, but it’s our life resume that matters the most. See, when I was a kid, I don’t remember how much my parents made. I don’t remember them talking around money. I just remember going on trips, going camping. I remember working in the garage and my go karts with my dad. It’s the experiences that shaped who I am as an individual. It’s easy to look at my life now and say, oh, that guy’s so lucky. But there was a time not too long ago that I understood what it was like to be broke, to be living on a credit card and be in the middle of non-stop hustle and grind.

It’s time to live the Maverick Entrepreneur way!

Today, I have the family I always dreamed of with an amazing wife and three beautiful kids. I’m busier than ever, but I’ve discovered how to be successful with the calendar full of experiences and not feeling overwhelmed. My friends who bowed their knee to fear are still relatively making the same amount of money as entrepreneurs. It’s time to choose to live an unconventional life. One that enables us to leave a legacy for our kids. I understand what it’s like to face your fears going into debt, to launch your entrepreneurial dream with no paycheck in sight. I fought that battle. I worked hard and bootstraped my business. Now I own four businesses, and I’m a successful entrepreneur. It’s time to live the Maverick Entrepreneur way!

Dr. matt hubbard

It starts with your mindset, your core values, the systems you have put into practice, and who you choose to do life with.

My Background

A Little About Dr. Matt

Dr. Hubbard lives in the hills of San Diego with his wife, Mikala and their tHREE children, Mikah Faith and Maverick Jeremiah. You can find him there pursuing his passion for cars, racing and practicing with his own family what he lovingly teaches his patients to do: Live a LIFE on Fire and full of PASSION serving others!

Dr. Matt Hubbard, is passionate, on purpose “HOPE DEALER” that is licensed as a Doctor of Chiropractic. After 15 years of clinical practice and the day to day teaching and application of wellness principles, dr Hubbard has realized people need more than just knowledge. As the owner-operator of one of the most successful and state of the art wellness practices on the West Coast, his time is spent in the trenches with families that are simply looking for a better way to better health. He is an exceptional clinician, passionate teacher and great student of behavioral science.

Dr. Hubbard was named President of the California Chiropractic Association in 2013. He was awarded the Leadership award by his peers, is a sought-after international Wellnesspeaker, author and teacher of the Wellness Lifestyle. He was voted one of the Most Influential Chiropractors in 2006. A graduate of the Westmont College (B.S.), Life Chiropractic College West (D.C.) and a certified Pediatrics and sports Chiropractor. Dr. Hubbard has served as an extended faculty member at Life Chiropractic College. True Chiropractic, which Dr. Hubbard opened in 2004, and is now one of the largest wellness clinics in the west coast.

Dr. Hubbard’s vision for wellness extends well beyond the confines of his San Diego, practice. Co-creator of the True Health Program, Called symmetry, a web-based Total Wellness Lifestyle Program, serves to educate families in genetically congruent living for better health outcomes and more fulfilling lives. Hubbard professes strategies for better health through better living by working with nature, rather than against it.

Dr. Hubbard serves as Co-Founder and CEO C.O.R.E. (Chiropractors on the Road to Excellence) Co-creator of Lionchaser’s Mastermind Health, Inc. as well as Mind Mastery Cards and CORE MASTERY Coaching. He has been a part of 2 world class Masterminds, and he is a campus pastor at his incredible church (C3 SAN DIEGO) that has shaped and changed his life!